The Future of College?

Here is very interesting article in college education:

On a Friday morning in April, I strapped
on a headset, leaned into a microphone, and experienced what had been
described to me as a type of time travel to the future of higher
education. I was on the ninth floor of a building in downtown San
Francisco, in a neighborhood whose streets are heavily populated with
winos and vagrants, and whose buildings host hip new businesses, many of
them tech start-ups. In a small room, I was flanked by a publicist and a
tech manager from an educational venture called the Minerva Project,
whose founder and CEO, the 39-year-old entrepreneur Ben Nelson, aims to
replace (or, when he is feeling less aggressive, “reform”) the modern
liberal-arts college.

Minerva is an accredited university with administrative offices and a
dorm in San Francisco, and it plans to open locations in at least six
other major world cities. But the key to Minerva, what sets it apart
most jarringly from traditional universities, is a proprietary online
platform developed to apply pedagogical practices that have been studied
and vetted by one of the world’s foremost psychologists, a former
Harvard dean named Stephen M. Kosslyn, who joined Minerva in 2012.

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